About Us

BlackBerry Developers Group, Ujjain is committed to build a strong community of developers in Ujjain. Putting together experiences and knowledge of developers from all parts of Ujjain is, the main priority of this group. We operate as an umbrella organization for BlackBerry Developers in Ujjain and help them with information, event organization etc.

Sharing information and gaining knowledge from BlackBerry Experts will make developing for the BlackBerry Platform, the best developer experience there is. Together by sharing the good, the bad (and sometimes weird) experience we’ll create a unified voice that shares with Research in Motion. By doing so we’ll be able to help eliminate any obstacles in developing for BlackBerry platform.
BlackBerry Developer Group Ujjain can also be found on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us and help us create a strong developer community with loud voice and share love for BlackBerry platform.

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